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December 18th, 2003

12:06 pm
Sam is my hero. That one part breaks my heart.

I started crying when the Rohirim (probably spelling it wring but can't check) first showed up and charged.

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09:27 am - 1st musings
Well, I got home from the movie and glanced through the book and was pleasantly suprised at how spot on a lot of it was. They added a few things that my friend Josh will be a little miffed about (but he will be much happier with RoTK than he was with TT). The only thing that was annoying that will be fixed in the extended version was that there were many loose ends and things not explained...like how Denethor knew all he did and why he was so nutty or Eowyn and Faramir and Merry. Like I said I know most of it will be corrected in the extended version, so that is ok. The ending ending was spot on and so was the exchange with Faramir and his father. They did an excellent job of making Denethor an asshole.

More later...I have to work now.

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December 17th, 2003

05:32 pm
dear peter jackson,

i am not gay, but if you were to walk into my bedroom tonight, i would freak you nasty.


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11:00 am - You know...
...it is almost as if the movies are my ring....
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09:48 am - Eeeeeeeppp!!!!!!!!!!!
LESS THAN 12 HOURS TO GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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06:25 am
today's the day.
and just from reading reviews i'm already crying.
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December 16th, 2003

10:52 pm - I can't wait to see it tomorrow!!!!
...but I can....

Less than 24 hours!!!!

9pm the bittersweetness (is that a word?) begins.

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10:45 pm - Dorktower is having a RotK special all week...
Yesterday and Today's.

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10:39 pm - Hi!!!
Ok guys!!! We are here to support each other, share stories, funny comics, anything that has to do with LoTR!!! I am working on finding a community pic and I will make the page look better when I am not tired and have time. Probably not until Sunday.

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