LoTR Freaks

We aren't geeks, we swear!! (Roight!!)

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Are you obseesed with Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings Trilogy?

Has it taken over much of your life for the past three or more years?

Are you actually kinda sad that the last movie is now out?

Then you have come to the right place!!!

This community is moderated by radicledgrl. It is for all us poor souls for whom the LoTR trilogy is ending. We have nothing else to look foward to (except the extended version of FoTR). So we all gather here to share stories and comfort one another.

Its also a place for LoTR freaks to hang out and find friends, however, you must have the common trait of loving the fact that the last movie is out while at the same time being sad at the very same fact.

This is not a place for fan fics or roleplaying. There are plenty of other communities out there for that sort of stuff. Other than that, all I ask is that everyone place nice. So far this is an open community but I will be brutal towards anyone causing problems.